CAROLINA FERIOLI is a brand born from the need of matching the sophistication and uniqueness of design with the simplicity, convenience and contemporary minimalism.
The woman CAROLINA FERIOLI is a cosmopolitan one; essential for her is the constant pursuit of innovation from a visual point of view, and she lives to appreciate the reality in its continuous change. Passionate about design, fashion, modern architecture and contemporary art, she lives in the major cities, attends exhibitions, is attracted by travel and involved in cultural and social events.
A keen observer, always in constant search of change, she likes to be around people and to assert herself as an individualist, dynamic, passionate and curious person. She likes to be modern and not uniformed at the same time; she captures the essence of the uniqueness and the uniqueness of details, shapes and objects. She is a practical woman, active and busy, but at the same time she likes to give an elegant image of herself, sophisticated and modern, at any time of the day.



STILISTA IN 3 MESI is the title of my upcoming book.

The first and the only book that will allow you to become a fashion designer, able to design your own fashion collection, starting from the figure to get to the finished garment.



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