Carolina Ferioli is a young and emerging fashion designer born in Bologna, Italy. Fascinated by the world of fashion since she was 3 years old, she graduated in Milan IED European Institute of Design in 2012, then worked for three years in the plus-size industry, woman, priest-a-porter.


At 26 she made her debut for the first time in the fashion world with the spring summer 2017 season with a line represented by a practical woman, modern, elegant and sophisticated at any time of the day. The key color that characterizes the brand’s philosophy is black, that will prevail in all its collections.

Some other information about Carolina Ferioli – Fashion Designer.

While she is drawing, she always thinks about what she would like to wear. She prefers special and refined things, not common to anyone. She likes to give an image of me sought without excesses. She has always been attracted by tailoring, from the creation of a pattern and tissue manipulation. She likes clean, minimalist yet sophisticated aspect, giving at the same time a lot of femininity to the woman body. Philosophy and oriental-inspired lines fascinate her because she finds them very elegant and special.

She fell in love the world of fashion at age 3, casually watching at a high fashion show on television .

She started her designer experience when she was 19 years old, attending to a high level fashion course in Milan, and developing some personal fashion ideas and creations, up to the actual Spring Summer 2017. She always has the intention to create her own personal fashion line, as it means the realization of her original dream. Becoming a fashion designer! Her style is clean, elegant but understated and feminine, and she loves black and dark colors.

Nowadays her interest is on Italian Brands such as Costume National, Sportmax, while for International Brands she follows the creations of Jill Sander, Dries Van Noten, Haider Ackermann, Maison Margiela,Narciso Rodriguezand Vionnet. The reason is because they reflect her personal idea of the fashion, that should be sartorial, minimalist and clean, refined and fresh at the same time.

During the final years of her education by IED (European Institute of Design) she collaborated with a local firm to define the material study applied to their fashion collection. Thanks to this experience, she was engaged in a National company to follow and improve their collection in terms of design and style. There she had the opportunity to contact the World fashion market, as she develops specific fashion lines for the Russian market. Now she would like to participate to Vancouver Fashion Week to increase her professional experience in the World fashion market, and to present her personal collection, as she believes that it could match its taste.  It’s her first fashion show and it gives her an unbelievable feeling to tell a story with the choice of an atmosphere made of lights, music, and makeup.

She is from Bologna, Italy, even if she spent several years in Milan. This condition inspired her to follow and increase the Made in Italy fashion idea, as she strongly believe that Italian fashion has still a lot to compete in the International Market. Italians have a natural ability in the creativity and good workmanship, together with a great dexterity and attention to details. Overall, the typical Italian taste.

She would recommend to young designers to undertake this activity only if they are really decided in succeeding. It is very hard, not a game, with a lot of work to do to pursue this career. You have to work hard and try to look around 360 degrees , but If this is what they really want, fashion world gives a lot of satisfactions.

Her brand is made ​​in Italy with a minimalist design and Japanese-inspired concept, it is characterized by clean lines , feminine, sophisticated, chic and sporty elegance that you can wear all day long. The fit of her designed clothes is soft and refined: gently wrap the body without pointing out the defects and at the same time reinforce the feminine idea. Brand is characterized and characterizes the coming seasons for the almost total absence of color . The color that best represents her brand is black. She exploits her image and her personality in advertising to tell the story of her brand.

In the next future she plans to be known all over the world. It is a very difficult dream to realize , especially in a short time, but she is hardly struggling for this. Her main plain is to greatly expand her collections, giving even more expression for her creativity. She would even like to create her own perfume, a line of accessories, knitwear and why not, she would love to have her mono brand shop in a big city. Her personal shop is a place where costumers test her creations in a minimal concern,  shop assistants wear elegant uniforms designed by her, rigged and combed in a fresh and clean way. All around ambient and chill music and large windows that face on a japanese garden.