reference. If you wanted to add anything please do so and we can do our best to incorporate.

Who/what are your style inspirations when designing? Why?

While I am drawing I always think about what I would wear. I like special things and refined, they have not all. I like to give a picture of me sought without e-xcesses. I’ve always been attracted to the tailoring, from the creation of a pattern and tissue manipulation. I like the clean, minimalist yet sophisticated but at the same time gives a lot of femininity to the body of a woman.
The philosophy and the oriental-inspired lines fascinate me because I find it very elegant and special.

2. What and when was your first fashion memory?
I fell in love the world of fashion at age 3, looking for a case of high fashion show on television .

3. When did you get started as a designer, what motivated you to become in-volved with the fashion industry?
I was very motivated to get involved and to make this line and first collection , Spring Summer 2017, because I really wanted to realize my dream.

4. How would you describe your personal style?
My style is clean , elegant but understated and feminine . I love the black and dark colors .

5. Who attracts your attention in the fashion industry today? Why?
I am attracted by the presentation of a collection , by the window of a shop and advertising. I like to present with love my product and my story , to passion , to give character to my brand , to make it more interesting, but also because the market demands it . Sell their product in the fashion world requires a lot of crea-tivity ,a lot of attention and constant research of marketing strategies in terms of image.

6. What is your favourite opportunity that you have been offered due to your in-volvement in the fashion industry and community? Why?
The Biggest opportunity that I have been offered in the World of Fashion Has been that of being able to participate in this edition of the fashion week in Vancouver spring summer 2017, because be able to present my first fashion show is for me and indescribable felling, through the choice of an atmosphere of lights, music, makeup, etc. to tell a story. I have a great opportunity to let me know, to let people know who I am in the fashion world at the national and international level.

7. Where are you from and how does that inspire what you create?
I come from Bologna, Italy. I care a lot when I create the made in Italy: the good workmanship, attention to detail and try to better express my creativity, even if my product design and image level is not typically Italian style. I mostly rely on how to work Italian.

8. What advice would you give to amateur designers just starting out in the in-dustry?
I would recommend to young designers to undertake this activity if it really is what they want in life, It is not a game, there is much work to be done to pursue this career , you have to work hard and try to look around 360 degrees , but If this is what they really want , and then right that realize their dreams.

9. Can you give a short description your brand?
My brand is made in Italy with a minimalist design and Japanese-inspired , is characterized by clean lines , feminine , sophisticated and chic and sporty eleg-ance that you can make at any time of the day. The fit of my clothes is soft and refined : gently wrap the body without pointing out the defects and at the same time gives the feminine body. Brand is characterized and characterize the coming seasons for the almost total absence of color . The color that best represents my brand is black .
I exploit my image and my personality in advertising to tell the story of my brand.

10. Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?
In the next futureI plan to be known all over the world. It is a very difficult dream to realize , especially in a short time , but I’m struggling for this. My main plainis to greatly expand my collections , giving even more expression for my creativity. I would like to create my own perfume, a line of accessories, knitwear and why not, I would love to have my mono brand shop in a big city. My personal shop is a place where costumers test my creations in a minimal concern, the shop assi-stants wearelegant uniforms, rigged and combed in a fresh and clean way. There is an ambient and chill music and there are large windows that look on a japanese garden.